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Theo Walcott wants to play on for SEVEN more seasons - but won't ever become a manage
Theo Walcott wants to play on for SEVEN more seasons - but won't ever become a manager

[Image: 1_Rebecca-Long-Bailey-Eccles-Salford.jpg]

พนัน บอล The Everton forward has rubbished talk he is already winding down and plans to play on until 2025. Theo Walcott plans to play on for another SEVEN years - but says management is just not for him. The Everton striker also doesn't believe former boss Arsene Wenger is anywhere near ready to call it a day.

Speaking on the BBC's Premier League Show, the 29-year-old says winding down hasn't even crossed his mind. "I’ve got a good six or seven years left in me," he said when asked about how long he feels he can go on for. "I look after myself well, my kids keep my healthy. "Bit I don’t think I will go into management when I do finish, it’s not for me.

"I like working with children, maybe a striking coach with kids or something. Possibly a bit of TV as well." Walcott played under Wenger พนัน บอล for 12 years and the man who signed him from Southampton will be back soon, he says. "I still think he's got unfinished business and there's a missing chapter for him," said the Toffees man.

"He’s a father figure, he gave me the opportunity at a young age, took the pressure off me and put it on himself when he didn’t need to do it." Walcott opened up back พนัน บอล in September about his final few seasons under the Frenchman and his £20 million switch to Merseyside. "I wasn’t enjoying it. I’ll be honest," he said. "I was frustrated I wasn’t playing, I didn’t play a lot of the games.

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