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Posted by: !!!!AAAiiizz - 47 minutes ago - Forum: All Other Bands - No Replies

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Posted by: Aaazmmnbzq - 49 minutes ago - Forum: All Other Bands - No Replies

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Posted by: Aaazdbdzq - 54 minutes ago - Forum: All Other Bands - No Replies

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Posted by: caicai2017 - 56 minutes ago - Forum: Prima Donna - No Replies

2018 - Since its first haul (a Nike SB Dunk) in 2008, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Concepts has held a consistent line among its many ideas: Adidas ZX 700 Femme the lobster. There have been a handful of Dunks to claw at it — blue at retail and an F&F yellow, as well as a few variations of the aesthetic on the KYRIE 4.
“Initially, I felt we shouldn’t touch the theme again. It was a moment. We Nike Air Vapormax Womens celebrated it. We loved it," shares Concepts creative director Deon Point. "Ten years later, I'm in more Lobster conversations than I can believe. Kyrie and Jason Tatum are wearing versions on the court, Sue Bird in the WNBA, too. It's like Nike Air Max Axis Mujer this whole movement."
This month, the scheme returns to its original Dunk base but in a new purple makeup that adds fuel to the flame. Nike Air Max 2017 Womens
"I've probably researched lobsters more than Jacques Cousteau himself," says Point. "There's versions in color variations, depending on the depth of how far a lobster can go below sea level. And, theoretically, there are lobsters www.jwrennie.co.ukin colors that haven't been found yet."
Purple is one of those colors. But that hasn't stopped Point. While there isn't exact proof that there are purple lobsters floating around, if you mix blue and red — the colors of the Concepts'www.homoludens.fr originals — one might just birth.
The Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Lobster releases December 14 at Concepts, December 15 at select retailers and December 17 via SNKRS.
The Nike ISPA Air Max 270 follows the same design ethos as its streamlined Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Mujer predecessor, the React ISPA LW WR MID, but with an eye to providing a higher degree of protection. To this end, the cage surrounding the upper Nike Air Max 270 Mujer serves two purposes: It provides a basic shield and forms a unique closure system that allows for an adjustable fit (similar to the Nike Komyuter). The 270 unit is paired with a rugged traction pattern that simultaneously advances Nike Air Max 90 Femme the aesthetic and adds additional security underfoot.
One more thing: The black version features the first ever use of a matte-finish 270 unit.
The Nike ISPA Air Max 270 hits retailers, including the SNKRS and SNEAKRS apps, www.islwynanglers.co.uk beginning January 24. Heron Preston was intentional about his debut Nike collaboration: Rather than starting with the obvious canvas (a shoe), he chose to work with sunglasses (the Tailwind). The move allowed him to share a passion for the Nike Air Max 90 Womens breadth of Nike innovation. Fittingly, when it came to working on his first sneaker he bypassed an expected silhouette in a bold attempt to immediately stand up for the latest thing: the recently released Huarache E.D.G.E.
"I'm all about telling stories," says Preston. "Having worked at Nike and understanding the full breadth of product categories the brand has to offer, I Nike Air Skylon 2 Womens wanted to be the person to take on the challenge of identifying and celebrating new stuff."

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Posted by: caicai2017 - 1 hour ago - Forum: Prima Donna - No Replies

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Andra skor till semesterspelet inkluderar speciella f?rgv?gar i Nike LEBRON 16, koncepten x KYRIE 5 Ikhet och Nike PG 2,5 x PlayStation. Tillagd med Swarovski?-kristaller, l?gger denna utg?va av Air Max 97 Gold en distinkt bl?ndning till en redan skimrande ikon. Den ?vre ?r gjord med Swarovskis propriet?ra Crystal Fabric, som bryter ljus med en ljus, skimrande effekt n?r skon r?r sig. Jordan Brand firar teaterutg?van av Spider-Man ?: In i Spider-Vers med den specialutg?va Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Origin Story. Matchar det par Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens som b?rs av Adidas Deerupt Womens Miles Morales i filmen, Nike Air VaporMax Femme www.clairerooney.co.uk skon s?tter en twist p? en klassisk f?rgv?g genom att inf?ra en ny ?vre design och isig genomskinlig ytters?l.
Air Jordan 1 Origin Story sl?pps i herr- och klassskolans storlek 14 december p? Jordan.com och hos utvalda ?terf?rs?ljare globalt. Den specialutg?va Nike Air Monarch IV Snow Day kommer med en vitvit, fullkornig l?der ?vre prydnad med en krom silver Swoosh och iriserande ytters?le - den ?vergripande effekten p?minner om en glittrande, sn?ig dag.
Sherpa-kragen nickar f?r att v?rma tofflor, och socklinerna ramar en imponerad Swoosh p? nyfallen sn?. En pop apelsin p? mellansolen symboliserar en sn?gubbe morot n?sa. Dessutom ?r en sn?gubbefigur g?md i broderiinformationen p? h?len.
Nike Air Monarch IV Snow Day sl?pper 18 december p? SNKRS Japan. Den 20 december sl?pps den p? nike.com Adidas NMD Womens och i utvalda Nike Air Max Axis Mujer Nike-butiker Nike Air Max 95 Femme i St?rre Kina, Europa Nike Air Max 90 Mujer och Korea. Den 3 januari kommer den att finnas tillg?nglig p? SNKRS Nordamerika och hos Nike NYC och Nike by Melrose. En fyra-kvinnlig skodon kollektiv, best?ende av en designer, ingenj?r, utvecklare och produktchef, ansvarar f?r den uttrycksfulla nya Nike Air Max dia.
Designen (som slutf?rdes p? en accelererad tidslinje) av kvinnans exklusiva siluett b?rjade genom att prioritera den sista och arbetade flitigt f?r att uppn? en avsmalnande (men demokratisk) t??da. Resultatet var en sko med vacker andel - en nod till b?de hantverk och nytta. En dekonstruerad genomskinlig Nexkin-?vre (ett k?rl som visar personlighet genom strumpval), l?g krage och stor hiss kombinerar f?r att slutf?ra det moderna utseendet. De fyra punkterna p? h?len representerar de fyra disciplinerna som tog skoden till Nike Air Max 95 Femme liv - en www.jsaranjuez.es p?minnelse om samverkans www.jwrennie.co.uk kraft.
Verktyget ?r Adidas Superstar Womens kanske skoens sanna signaturfunktion. Dias eleganta stackh?jd ?r h?rledd fr?n lagets etablerade m?l f?r skon: att markera luftenheten p? st?rsta m?jliga s?t

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